March 30, 2021
    Iris Woodson
    Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce
     Celebrates Successful Campaign with Victory Party
    With a Campaign that broke all previous records, Chesterfield Chamber has funded its programs for the coming year with a Total Resource Campaign, according to Carolyn Clements, Chair of the Campaign
    Funds raised through the Campaign will be used to fund Chamber programs, events, and publications for the upcoming year. The Chamber works to promote business here in the community.
    “Through the Campaign, our volunteers raised $95,040 for Chamber programs,” Clements said. “I am so pleased to have been a part of this experience. Our Chamber is vital to this business of this community, and these volunteers have been integral to this Campaign.”
    Approximately 27 participated in the Campaign through a six-week process. A Victory Party concluded the Campaign on March 25th and celebrated the success of the volunteers.
    In five weeks, we increased our non-dues revenue nearly 300% from last year and more than doubled our annual average of sponsorships from the last six years. We also more than tripled the number of annual sponsoring companies, all of which is even more impressive given the Covid-19 overlay.  We are delighted to have our finances secure for the coming year, which will allow us to focus on programming and giving our sponsors exceptional service.
    The top performers in the Campaign were:
    Bernadette Spencer, Destiny Designed Unlimited, LLC.
    Cynthia Brown, TFC Recycling
    Samuel Little, SLGD – Effective Marketing
    Also serving on the Campaign leadership team were Team Captains:
    Bobby Kelland, AFLAC
    Samuel Little, SLGD – Effective Marketing
    Amy Dufour, Capital Ale House and Fest
    Susan Davis, Cavalier Square Shopping Center
    For additional information about either the Chamber or the Campaign, contact Iris Woodson at 804-748-6364.