• U.S. Chamber/Virginia Chamber

  • Chesterfield Chamber members benefit from dual membership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Virginia Chamber of Commerce.  The dual membership gives you access to important benefits like the Small Business Nation and government lobbying at the state and national levels for policies that promote your prosperity.

    Dual-membership is available for small business members of the Chesterfield Chamber.  

  • Federation Partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    U S  Chamber Member Sticker.gif

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation and 96% of their members are small businesses like you. Through your membership with the U.S. Chamber, you will have access to the many valuable benefits designed specifically for small businesses, including the toolkits available on Small Business Nation, news and advocacy updates, and other products, services, and publications.

    In mid-December, you will receive an email directly from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce providing you with your membership number and information on how to access the many resources now available to you. Be sure to add smallbusiness@uschambersmallbusinessnation.com to your address book to ensure the email reaches you.  We hope you find as much value in your membership with the U.S. Chamber as we have.

  • Small Business Membership Alliance with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce

    Small business is the driving force of the economy and jobs in Virginia. The Virginia Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensure the voice of small business is heard with minimal investment and maximum impact.  That’s why the Chesterfield Chamber has engaged in the alliance program with the Virginia Chamber.  As an Alliance Member you will receive:

      • Chamber Briefings, the Government Relations monthly e-newsletter
      • Chamber Action Alerts
      • Creating opportunities to engage your employees in legislative and electoral processes
      • Invitations to regional policy events and surveys
      • Access to statewide coalitions & initiatives
      • Participation in Chamber Day at the Capitol (January)
      • Full-time, professional government relations staff
      • Access to professional Chamber Staff and Resources
      • Aggressive, proactive General Assembly representation
      • Chamber ‘Clout’ to oppose initiatives harmful to your business and support initiatives helpful to your business
      • Information through Chamber updates
      • Increased visibility in the marketplace, and in the General Assembly
      • Discounted rates for members at statewide Signature Events

    The program is complimentary to Chesterfield Chamber businesses with 10 full-time employees or fewer. To qualify as a small business under these guidelines, the business is at least 51% independently owned and controlled by one of more individuals, together with affiliates, has 10 or fewer employees.  One or more of the individual owners shall control both the management and daily business operations of the small business.

    Below please find a brief schedule of communications to the Alliance Members.

    When it isn’t election season the normal communications will be:

      1. Monthly – VA Prosperity Project Update Email
      2. Monthly – VA Chamber of Commerce Chamber Briefing

    During the General Assembly, as Action Alerts arise, a call to action email will be sent to Alliance Members to participate in writing their legislator about an issue.