• Join The Chamber

  • For just $1 per day, you can be a part of the most influential and effective business advocacy group in Chesterfield County.  Established in 1999, the Chesterfield Chamber is host to its founders and the next generation of local business and civic leaders who work hard every day to maintain its foundation of commitment and passion to your success.  When combined with new initiatives such as the Smarter Business Series, Emerging Leaders Committee, CITIZEN Program and Women’s Business Council, you will discover a broadening Chesterfield Chamber that meets modern business needs.

    Introductory Memberships Start at $295!

    Submit a New Member Application Online or email a PDF version of the application to carol@chesterfieldchamber.com.

  • Introductory Membership $295

    •  Free or discounted admission to 50+ events
    •  Professional and leadership development on committees
    •  Workforce recruitment through online Chesterfield Chamber job posting portal
    •  Participation in local and state public policy position development and advocacy
    •  Chamber orientation with a business coach to maximize your return on investment
    •  Dual membership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Virginia Chamber of Commerce (small businesses)
    •  Member-to-Member discounts
    •  Chamber Member seal for window display and website
    •  Business listing in annual Membership Directory
    •  Company events display on Chesterfield online community calendar
    •  Complimentary business announcements in weekly membership newsletter

  • Business Builder Membership $500

    Ideal for those planning to attend Monthly Luncheons, which average nearly 200 business and civic leaders per event.

    •  All the benefits of the Introductory Membership
    •  $100 sponsorship credit to promote your business B2B or B2C
    •  Monthly Luncheon pass
    •  Enhanced listing in Chamber website and print directories

  • Partner Builder Membership $1,000+

    Perfect for businesses that sponsor one or more events per year.

    •  All the benefits included in the Business Builder Membership
    •  Recognition as Partner Builder on Chamber website
    •  Additional $400 (total $500) sponsorship credit to promote your business B2B or B2C
    •  Two additional branches at no additional cost

  • Community Builder Membership $5,000+

    •  All the benefits included in the Partner Builder Membership
    •  Customized engagement package to be determined by Company and Chamber president
    •  Premier “Community Builders” recognition on Chamber website
    •  $3,500 sponsorship credit with first right of opportunities
    •  Unlimited branches/stores
    •  Exclusive invitation to Annual County Leadership Reception