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  • For less than $1 per day, you can be a part of the most influential and effective business advocacy group in Chesterfield County.  Established in 1999, the Chesterfield Chamber is host to its founders and the next generation of local business and civic leaders who work hard every day to maintain its foundation of commitment and passion to your success.  When combined with new initiatives such as the Smarter Business Series, ChesterfieldYP and Women’s Business Council, you will discover a broadening Chesterfield Chamber that meets modern business needs.

    To join, submit your application followed by payment. You can select to pay by card or request an invoice. Please note, by clicking the submit button, you understand the membership is a one year commitment and you are responsible for the payment of the membership amount in full, even if you are on a payment plan. All memberships renew automatically, however you will be sent an invoice the month prior to renewal date.  If you need to pay by company check, click here to send an email to our Administrator. Please note that membership is not valid until payment is made.


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  • Essential Membership $350

    A basic membership, scaled to grow with your business.  - Just $29/month*‚Äč                 


  • Connected Membership $595 *MOST POPULAR*

    A membership to build your network.  - Just $50/month*


  • Engaged Membership $995 Annually

    A membership to allow to go beyond getting connected to getting engaged - Just $85/month* 

  • Enhanced Marketing Membership $1,295

    A membership to market your business and gain visibility - Just $108/month* 


  • Executive Circle Membership $2,500

    A membership for executives to connect.

      * To select this membership option, please click here to send an email to our Director of Business Development for more details. Your membership will not be valid until payment is received.


  • Community Leader Membership $5000

    A membership that recognizes your commitment to shaping the community.