• News Release: 4/17/2020 School division will launch call center to support families

    Chesterfield County Public Schools will launch Call CCPS in an effort to continue to support Chesterfield County students and families with their needs related to academics, technology, and social and emotional questions. The new call center will also help connect families with community resources they may need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Call CCPS will be open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. through June 12. The call center officially opens on Monday, April 20.

    Chesterfield County Public Schools families can call 804-639-8689 for support. Translation support will be available immediately in Spanish, or within a short period of time in other languages through the school division’s language line support program.

    “Since in-person, onsite teaching stopped four weeks ago, Team Chesterfield staff members have been working diligently to reinvent the school day so that learning continues and students are prepared for next year,” Superintendent Dr. Merv Daugherty said. “Reinventing the school day also means reinventing the way that we support our students and their families. Many are navigating this distance learning world for the first time, and we want to make sure that we are there to provide assistance.”

    Team Chesterfield staff members will be available to answer questions about the school division’s online  learning plan, provide support for navigating the school division’s learning management system (Canvas), and connect families to resources that can address mental and social well-being during this time of uncertainty. Special education teams also will be available to provide support for students during this unprecedented transition from in-school services.

    Specific questions about school-based assignments may be referred back to the student’s teacher. If a call-center support staff member cannot answer the question immediately, the caller will receive a call back within 24 hours from a school division specialist more familiar with the specific inquiry.

    Call CCPS is one of several ways that Chesterfield County Public Schools continues to provide support to families while students are away from school for the remainder of the academic year:

    Meals for students
    To meet the needs of students during COVID-19 school closures, Chesterfield County Public Schools continues provide meals for students for pick-up without charge and regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability and without discrimination. Meals will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis at the sites and times listed below. 

    Please note these important pieces of information related to the distribution of meals:

    • Children do not have to be present to pick up meals. To pick up meals without a student present, please tell the staff member your student’s first and last names and age.
    • On Mondays and Wednesdays, two lunches and two breakfasts will be provided for each child.
    • On Fridays, three lunches and three breakfasts will be provided for each child.
    • No meal service is available on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
    Visit mychesterfieldschools.com to learn more about locations and distribution dates/times.

    Technology support
    Chesterfield County Public Schools continues to provide support for school division-issued Chromebooks during this extended school closure:
    • Every Tuesday at Thomas Dale and Matoaca high schools from 9 a.m. until noon
    • Every Thursday at CTC@Hull and Robious Middle from 1-4 p.m.
    A parent and/or student will need to provide their student ID number in order to adjust the school division’s inventory records. Support is limited to students in grades 5-12, who already are participating in the Chromebook take-home program.

    Appropriate social distancing protocol will be followed to protect students and staff.

    For clarification purposes: While the CCPS Internet network is available to families while in the parking lot, the school division is not giving out free hotspot devices at these repair stations.

  • “Relaunch Chesterfield” Aims to Reopen Chesterfield Businesses


    Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, Chesterfield Cabinet and Chesterfield County have united to support a coordinated relaunching of the Chesterfield economy.   Relaunch focuses on issues for businesses and elected officials around the county to consider as reopening plans are made. "Relaunch Chesterfield" is meant to work in conjunction with the Governors’ Covid-19 Business Task Force recommendations as they too begin the work of relaunching Virginia’s economy. 

    "Relaunch Chesterfield" will be developed in partnership with business leaders across a broad array of industry sectors and organizations around the county, including but not limited to the following sections:

    • Health and Safety First/Internal & External Customers
    • Retail
    • Restaurants
    • Hospitality
    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Healthcare Services
    • Personal Care Service Industry
    • K-12 Education & Childcare and Daycare

    "Relaunch Chesterfield" is meant to serve as a start to the conversation for returning more employees and businesses to work, rather than serving as a final, prescriptive set of answers or solutions.

    We are currently seeking participants to work and lead in these individual industry workgroups.  Please submit your information to be considered for an interested industry cluster workgroup by clicking here.    

    Businesses are resilient in creating opportunities to thrive in challenging conditions.  Businesses ability to pivot their business model and allow others to learn from that change is important for the greatest number of businesses to relaunch. By joining efforts and bringing businesses and resources together we have the ability to make adjustments quickly and start commerce sooner. 

    When the Commonwealth is ready to open Virginia, Chesterfield will be ready to open.

    We are looking for 8-10 people for each industry workgroup indicated to develop a framework for success.  Models and examples are already available as a guide from across the Country.  Workgroups using best practices can have the best opportunity for a successful plan.