• Johnston-Willis Hospital Community Letter

    We recognize during these uncertain times that you may have concerns about receiving medical care for yourself of your loved ones. As always the health and safety of our patients, caregivers, and communities remains our top priority.

    At Johnston-Willis Hospital, we are diligent in our fight against coronavirus (COVID-19), and I want to provide you with an update about the thoughtful and deliberate steps we’re taking to reopen our hospital and return to standard operations as we move forward during this ever-evolving pandemic.

    Over the last few months, due to fear and uncertainty about the safety of hospitals, we recognize that many of you have not sought medical care for your urgent healthcare needs unrelated to COVID-19. We want to reassure you of the numerous additional protocols that we have implemented to ensure your safety. We are here to take care of you and we are well-equipped to handle any health concern you may have.

    In addition to our emphasis on safety, we are also acutely aware of the financial strain caused by this pandemic on so many within our community. We are now providing Patient Benefit Advisors to help patients navigate their insurance options, given potential recent shifts in their coverage.

    Across Johnston-Willis Hospital, our facility has maintained historically strict standards for infectious diseases while following updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and we will continue to do so to ensure the safety of all. We have carefully prepared for the reopening of many postponed services. We have introduced enhanced precautions to ensure a safe environment for health care delivery.

    Here are just a few of the steps we’re taking to keep our patients, visitors and our clinical teams safe:
    • Screening processes are in place for all patients, visitors and clinicians before entering our facility.
    •  Updated visitor policies, including limitations, which have been in place for the duration of the pandemic, remain in place across our facility.
    • Universal masking is required throughout all our facility, which exceeds CDC guidelines. We continue to have adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for patients, visitors, clinicians and caregivers.
    • Heightened infection prevention policies instituted, including the removal of high-touch items such as magazines, toys, and public vending machines from our facility.
    • We are working with major commercial lab companies as well as testing on-site, to increase testing capacity.

    HCA Healthcare and Johnston-Willis Hospital remain focused on providing our patients with outstanding
    care. Our facility is part of a comprehensive learning health system that uses data science from research,
    laboratory results and clinical excellence from 2,000-plus sites of care to drive superior, evidence-based
    and patient-centered care. As we continue to monitor the dynamic shifts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we
    will provide periodic updates on our continued efforts to care for our patients, caregivers and
    community. For up to date information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit

    As we reopen our communities and work to establish a “new normal,” I encourage you to continue to
    follow current CDC guidance regarding social distancing and hand hygiene. These important infection
    prevention measures will help keep yourself and others in our community safe. Thank you for your
    shared commitment to protecting our health and safety, today and every day.

    Zach McCluskey
    Chief Executive Officer
    Johnston-Willis Hospital

  • “Relaunch Chesterfield” Aims to Reopen Chesterfield Businesses


    Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, Chesterfield Cabinet and Chesterfield County have united to support a coordinated relaunching of the Chesterfield economy.   Relaunch focuses on issues for businesses and elected officials around the county to consider as reopening plans are made. "Relaunch Chesterfield" is meant to work in conjunction with the Governors’ Covid-19 Business Task Force recommendations as they too begin the work of relaunching Virginia’s economy. 

    "Relaunch Chesterfield" will be developed in partnership with business leaders across a broad array of industry sectors and organizations around the county, including but not limited to the following sections:

    • Health and Safety First/Internal & External Customers
    • Retail
    • Restaurants
    • Hospitality
    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Healthcare Services
    • Personal Care Service Industry
    • K-12 Education & Childcare and Daycare

    "Relaunch Chesterfield" is meant to serve as a start to the conversation for returning more employees and businesses to work, rather than serving as a final, prescriptive set of answers or solutions.

    We are currently seeking participants to work and lead in these individual industry workgroups.  Please submit your information to be considered for an interested industry cluster workgroup by clicking here.    

    Businesses are resilient in creating opportunities to thrive in challenging conditions.  Businesses ability to pivot their business model and allow others to learn from that change is important for the greatest number of businesses to relaunch. By joining efforts and bringing businesses and resources together we have the ability to make adjustments quickly and start commerce sooner. 

    When the Commonwealth is ready to open Virginia, Chesterfield will be ready to open.

    We are looking for 8-10 people for each industry workgroup indicated to develop a framework for success.  Models and examples are already available as a guide from across the Country.  Workgroups using best practices can have the best opportunity for a successful plan.