• Business Growth Workshop: “7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success”

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    September 12, 2019


    Are you spending your time and money on one-off marketing tactics, but nothing seems to work?

    If you’re still competing on price, spending too much time selling, and not bringing in the consistent leads you need to grow your business, then you're marketing isn't working. Then this workshop is for you.


     In this workshop you will learn:

    • How to identify WHO you should be marketing to
    • Why It’s WAY more important to focus on strategy before you even consider a new website design or any tactics
    • How to create happy customers systematically
    • Shorten sales cycles with education  
    • Become the obvious choice provider
    • Make lead generation a process
    • Attract more of the right customers, and turn them into raving fans who will refer you again and again
    • Stop competing on price & charge more for your products and services
    • Produce consistent and ongoing business results
    • Spend less time cold calling and selling - and get customers to contact you when they're ready to buy


    • Do you know the return on your marketing investments?
    • Are you confused by all the ways to do marketing online?
    • Are you working to grow your business but aren’t sure what the best marketing strategies might be?
    • Are you ready to grow your business beyond word-of-mouth referrals?
    • Do you know why you get out-ranked in search engines?
    • Are you ready to feel confident in your marketing efforts?

    If you have struggled with any of these questions, you will benefit from this Business Growth Workshop.

    This workshop is for small business owners who are looking to see real results from their sales and marketing efforts. It will include answers to these questions and advice you can put in practice immediately to improve your marketing results.

    Iris Woodson, Member Service Manager