• A Special Letter from Midlothian Lifestyle Magazine

    All the news about the Coronavirus has me and my staff here at Midlothian LIfestyle thinking of ways to keep our community supported and connected during this extraordinary time.

    First, let me assure you that our magazines will continue to be delivered directly to homes and businesses as scheduled. Our direct mail delivery is more important than ever now that retail traffic is diminished. Moreover, our magazines are bringing “good news” of the community into people’s homes just at the time when they have more time to read and need some diversion. Our partners will enjoy enhanced exposure, top-of-mind awareness and increased brand recognition throughout the community.

    Second, we support our partners via social media and email outlets. If you have a promotion, video, special message, even a cancellation, we will be glad to share it to help increase your reach. While it is clearly necessary for us to practice personal social distancing for everyone’s protection, we can still interact online and on social channels to stay connected and to offer support. With this in mind, please know that we are glad to support other struggling local businesses you may know even if they aren’t currently partnering with us. We’re all in this together, and Midlothian Lifestyle intends to set an example of compassionate leadership and caring support for our entire community. 

    These are challenging times, and it clearly is not “business as usual.” But every challenge comes with opportunity, and this one is no exception. By being creative and innovative during this time of collective crisis, we can not only survive, but we can thrive.

    My staff and I are holding all of you, and our community, close to our hearts, and we stand ready to offer our support and our services where they are needed. 


    God bless, and all our best,