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    Take 20% OFF Brain Training Sessions
    Brain Training can help improve mental acuity and physical performance, as well as enhance focus!
    NeurOptimal® trains your central nervous system to be more resilient and flexible, improving your brain function.
    It can be used for many reasons to help you with specific cognitive, emotional or physical challenges (e.g. anxiety,
    ADHD, depression, sleep issues) as well as enhance personal growth (resilience, confidence, enriching relationships) and help you achieve better mental and physical performance (motivation, productivity, focus).

    What Clients are Saying:

    "The night after my first session, I slept well for the first time in ages, I definitely want to do more training."
    "I am way less stressed, and my libido has gone up!"
    “I was able to really focus through my whole 3-hour class without my mind wandering.”
         "I have tried everything and nothing else has ever made me feel this relaxed."
    "She (my daughter) stopped having tantrums...it's wonderful! I feel like I have my daughter back"
    “I no longer fly of the handle with anger, I catch myself, I am more patient, and I am a better husband
    because of it.”
    “I feel clearer, more focused”
    “My grandson’s grades have gone up!”
    "A switch has definitely been flipped in me, I am now handling crisis at work calmly without getting stressed - my husband islike: 'who ARE you?' this is great."
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