• Tune Up Your Brain Event

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    Name: Tune Up Your Brain Event
    Date: May 16, 2019
    Time: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
    Event Description:
    *This event is FREE for veterans, military members, and first responders*

    Come try out a Brain Training session for only $20. We are having two days for anyone who is ready to start experiencing a more resilient and flexible brain!

    What is Neuroptimal Brain Training? Read more below:

      Saturday, May 18th from 1 to 5 pm
    Thursday, May 16th from 1 to 5 pm
    Fee? $20
    How to register? Click the link below to register: 


    Where? Mind Fitness RVA @ Resonance Float & Sound
                    1312 Sycamore Square,
                    Midlothian, VA 23113
    Questions? Contact Deise (Daisy) at (804) 690-778
                       Check our site at www.mindfitnessRVA.com

    What is NeurOptimal Neurofeedback?

    It is a brain training system that improves your brain function. It trains your brain to be more resilient and flexible.
    A mind that is more flexible adapts and responds quicker and more appropriately to changes in your environment. The more easily your brain adjusts to changes, the better you feel. A lack of brain fitness on the other hand, can leave you drained and stressed at the end of the day.

    What are the benefits of training your brain with NeurOptimal?

    We all have had bad habits and patterns that can keep us from reaching our full potential. Sometimes we get stuck in a fight-or-flight mode and our brain just can’t bounce back; and you start experiencing trouble sleeping, fatigue, depression,  you struggle with anxiety or you just can’t achieve optimal performance.
    These brain sessions restore your brain’s fluidity, flexibility and efficiency increasing your brain’s ability to deal with life’s stressors. Sometimes negative feelings associated with a personal conflict or a bad day at work can stay with you hours.
    By training your brain, your ability to bounce back from a negative event is improved.
    NeurOptimal is not a treatment, it’s a training where your brain gets information (or feedback) it needs to organize itself, so that it can release those patterns that get in the way and function better.
    It can help with many different conditions. While we do not diagnose or treat any medical condition, this brain training program has been known to help people with depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, attention deficit disorders, stress, addiction recovery, stroke recovery, migraines, poor sleep, anger issues.
    It is also known to improve resilience, confidence, mental clarity, motivation, focus and productivity!

    How does it work?

    During a NO (neuroptimal) session, you have some sensors that go on your head (scalp) and ears. You relax, close your eyes (or not), listen to music or watch a movie. The sensors read the electrical activity of your brain, process it into a computer software, and you hear some brief micro pauses in the music. This happens when the system detects any sort of instability or turbulence in your brain and it creates these interruptions in the music, that is the feedback that helps your brain to reorient back to what’s going on presently.
    It’s like what happens if you are walking in the woods by yourself and you hear a noise. It makes you stop and assess what’s going on to make sure you are safe.

    Is it SAFE?

    Yes, FDA approved NO as a General Wellness Device; a passive brain training for personal enrichment that relates to maintaining or encouraging a general state of health.
    It is a non-invasive procedure. Nothing is done TO your brain, it’s not pulled or pushed in any direction.
    It’s simply feedback – like you fix your hair better when you can see it in the mirror; or like the strips along the highway, that remind you are crossing over. It doesn’t make you do anything, it’s information. It doesn’t tell the brain what it should or shouldn’t do. The brain is wonderfully designed to detect differences and minimize its discomfort. As we show what it is doing from moment to moment it goes AWWW, I can let go of that, or, I don’t have to worry… The brain learns when it is inefficient and it reorganizes itself to be more efficient. It does it on its own, NeurOptimal doesn’t tell it to.
    Event Media:

    Mind Fitness RVA @ Resonance Float & Sound
                    1312 Sycamore Square,
                    Midlothian, VA 23113
    Date/Time Information:
    Saturday, May 18th from 1 to 5 pm
    Thursday, May 16th from 1 to 5 pm
    Contact Information:
    Deise (Daisy) Russell - (804) 690-7783
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